Antigen Discovery, Inc. is a proteomics based biomarker discovery company offering the industry’s leading high throughput protein microarray platform.

Our proteomics-driven approach enables the identification of proteins useful for the development of a wide range of therapeutics, vaccines, and diagnostics.

How We Are Different:

  • First company to leverage high throughput proteomics for biomarker discovery.
  • Reference laboratory for protein microarray users and manufacturers.
  • IP protected platform used to screen the entire proteome and identify relevant antigens
    and biomarkers.
  • Expert Statistical Analysis ™ (ESA ™): In over 116 studies, Antigen Discovery’s dedicated
    staff of statisticians has validated and tested statistical models and methods to identify protein biomarkers.
  • Successful collaborations with industry experts.
  • Largest known collection of expressible ORF clones, comprised of over 35,000 biomarker
    candidates for infectious agents and more.
  • Novel platform accelerates relevant antigen and biomarker discoveries (weeks vs. years).