Proteome Screening: Our flexible and robust platform enables the identification of diagnostic biomarkers, vaccine candidate discovery, therapeutic antibody discovery, the validation of antibody targets and immunoepidemiological studies. ADi’s novel approach eases the R&D bottleneck and drastically decreases the time required to perform proteome-wide antigen screening by eliminating the time consuming steps involved in traditional cloning, protein expression and screening methodologies.

Our experience includes screening more than 35,000 antigens and identification of over 2,000 patented novel biomarkers. This means that proteomic screening and antigen identification can be done in weeks instead of years.

Expert Statistical Analysis ™ (ESA™): In over 116 studies, ADi's dedicated staff of statisticians has validated and tested statistical models and methods to identify protein biomarkers.


Diagnostic Content Discovery:

We can screen the entire proteome for biomarkers of your disease target.

  • Proteome generation
  • Microarray chip production
  • Large scale screening
  • Time course studies


Vaccine Development and Efficacy Monitoring:

Development: Our platform allows you to screen the whole proteome to identify promising vaccine target antigens.

  • Profiling immune response
  • Immune response sub-typing
  • Vaccine formulation evaluation
  • High thru-put T-Cell assays
  • Time course studies

Efficacy Monitoring: Experienced analysis of patient immune responses before and after vaccination.

  • Pre-screen potential clinical trial participants
  • Measure effectiveness of vaccine protocol
  • Markers associated with protection
  • Comparison of response: e.g. vaccination vs. natural infection


Biomarker Discovery and Drug Validation:

Proteome chip generation and screening on our novel microarray platform for:

  • Cancer
  • Autoimmune
  • Infectious agents
  • Organ specific disease